wtorek, 21 sierpnia 2012

soft rock

Reserved sweater, sh pants, Zara boots, Parfois necklace.

This is it. Photos from photo shoot with my friend Ada Binkowska. I really like that. I like the background: nature versus human activity, I like the effect that we've achieved, simple but with a part of myself. Big thanks to Ada! Of course, this is some of the pictures, maybe one day I'll show you the other.



czwartek, 16 sierpnia 2012

wide awake

Tired. Tonight I had a photo shoot with my best friend and actually talented photographer. Hope I will show you new photos really soon. Have a good nihgt!

xx Iz

środa, 1 sierpnia 2012

Austria D/5

The last photos from Austria. Now I'm home and I'm really glad. My next three weekends will be very crazy. I can't wait :) Hope you enjoy your holidays.