wtorek, 21 sierpnia 2012

soft rock

Reserved sweater, sh pants, Zara boots, Parfois necklace.

This is it. Photos from photo shoot with my friend Ada Binkowska. I really like that. I like the background: nature versus human activity, I like the effect that we've achieved, simple but with a part of myself. Big thanks to Ada! Of course, this is some of the pictures, maybe one day I'll show you the other.



czwartek, 16 sierpnia 2012

wide awake

Tired. Tonight I had a photo shoot with my best friend and actually talented photographer. Hope I will show you new photos really soon. Have a good nihgt!

xx Iz

środa, 1 sierpnia 2012

Austria D/5

The last photos from Austria. Now I'm home and I'm really glad. My next three weekends will be very crazy. I can't wait :) Hope you enjoy your holidays.


niedziela, 29 lipca 2012

Austria D/4

Zdjęcia z trasy alpejskiej. Najpiękniejsza droga panoramiczna w Alpach o długości 48 km wiedzie przez Park Narodowy Wysokie Taury do stóp najwyższej góry Austrii i do lodowca. Ulica wije się serpentyną o 36 zakrętach, osiągając w najwyższym punkcie 2.504m n.p.m.

Photos of Alpine routes. The most beautiful panoramic road in the Alps with a length of 48 km leads through the Hohe Tauern National Park to the foot of the highest mountain in Austria and to the glacier. Street serpentine twists of 36 turns, reaching the highest point above sea level 2.504m

sobota, 28 lipca 2012

Austria D/3

Photos of the laser show in Zell am See. It was really nice and warm night with a clear sky. I've seen something similar in Wroclaw but it was in the fountain not on the like. The whole show was accompanied by great music.
Wearing: H&M trousers, second hand sweater and Ryłko shoes.


niedziela, 22 lipca 2012

Austria D/2

Sunny days are gone but this is not the reason to sit back at the hotel. I don't like touring to much but some new interesting places is nice to see ( of course when it is not another church). Today pics from Salzburg.

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czwartek, 19 lipca 2012

Austria Diary1

I decided to publish some pics from my holiday in Austria. I wasn't too pleased for that trip but is not so bad ;p

and the main attraction Krimmier Waterfall
I sit on a goat - hahahahaha :D:D